We also offer five paid Membership bundles:
Annual Conference (includes Global LPM Summit) Regional events LegalOps.com Platform RLLB 2023 conference recordings Savings Annual Membership dues
One Pass 1 regional event pass One membership - $1,800 $1,995
One Pass 3 regional event passes1 One membership - $2,000 $2,395
One Pass 6 regional event passes1 One membership Included $2,600 $2,695
Three Passes 9 regional event passes2 Three memberships Included $5,000 $5,995
Five Passes 12 regional event passes2 Five memberships Included $7,000 $8,995
Lock in charter member rates if you join by June 1:
  • Tier 2 charter member renewal rate will not increase in 2025
  • Tier 3 charter member renewal rate will not increase in 2025 or 2026
  • 1. Tier 2 and Tier 3 individual membership automatically assigns one pass for the Annual Conference to the individual who purchases the membership. The passes to the regional events can be used by that individual or assigned to other colleagues at the same firm whose role is law firm legal operations.
  • 2. Firm Tier A and B memberships allow the firm to assign the Annual Conference passes to the legal operations professionals of the firm’s choice. Those same individuals will automatically be given access to the LegalOps.com platform. Firm may assign regional event passes to any legal operations professional of its choice for any city.