About LegalOps.com

LegalOps.com is an ecosystem of platforms and services.

The LegalOps.com’s flagship platform is a comprehensive, cloud-based, membership community providing legal operations and other professionals with access to fundamental resources, including benchmarking, competency models, best practices, checklists, thought leadership, and product and service overviews and insights, as well as unique opportunities to connect with other experts.

We are launching the Platform in phases. The first component released is our Compensation Benchmarking Dashboard for Legal Operations professionals.

Other components scheduled for release in 2023:

  • A library of resources for advancing your knowledge of Legal Operations
  • Overviews and insights into key technology and service providers and their offerings
  • Tools for evaluating your expertise and the expertise of members of your team
  • Channels to find and connect with people who have specific knowledge and expertise

Membership Types

LegalOps Ecosystem (Coming Soon)

LegalOps.com Platform

A community of Legal Operations Management Professionals, Provider Experts, Recruiters, Law Firm Leaders and Lawyers who can help get you from question to curated answer or question to qualified expert quickly, all connected on a one-of a-kind platform unlike anything the industry has ever seen

Resources and Benchmarking

Across the 15 Legal Operations Management Practice Areas and 8 Personal Effectiveness areas, get access to reference and competency models supported by premium curated content from leading Legal Operations Management Experts, including insider insights, playbooks, compensation and department benchmarks, and best practices

Reference Center

The most comprehensive listing of in-house corporate legal technology and services offerings from key providers organized in ways to allow you to understand and leverage the multitude of service delivery options available with insights and reviews from colleagues and industry experts

Events, Meetings, and Webinars

Premium curated sessions presented by leading Legal Operations Management Experts from across the ecosystem and from outside of it to help you build foundations and advance to the cutting edge when needed